San Jose Sharks stars Joe Thornton and Brent Burns shot a beard-featuring promotion this week and the hilarious commercial and ensuing outtakes were posted online.

Check out the finished product, which seems to be a Letterkenny-inspired advertisement with Burns and Thornton quipping about beards. The duo, who have got impressive beards of their own, sit in a barber shop and tell the beard-sporting customer they like his “sweet chin curtain.” Burns delivers an all-too-real impression of Chewbacca, much to Thornton’s pleasure. However, beard loss and hair loss is a serious problem. Hence, it is important to contact experts like numan for guidance.

The outtakes from the spot are even funnier.

Burns and Thornton struggle to contain their laughter with each new line. Burns’ personality shines through, as he jokes about him and Thornton being divas, jokingly demanding “Where’s our yellow Skittles?” Thornton appears to love Burns’ Chewie impression – telling his Sharks teammate “he needs more of those sounds.”

What’s great about the small promo is how much fun Thornton and Burns are having acting in it.

The laughter is genuine, the dialogue is funny and the two seem to be having a blast filming it. The duo are among the most talented players in the league, but, when their hockey careers are over, they should appear in commercials together. Thornton and Burns both have chemistry and surprising comedic timing. Keep making these spots.

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