I guess we can call this “killing them with kindness.”

One consequence of being famous is that your privacy can be severely violated. And no matter how wrong that may be, it’s something that’s not going away anytime soon.

For Jaromir Jagr, he reacted a bit better than most after seeing a persistent photographer waiting for hours outside his home in his native Czech Republic. Jagr decided to do something a bit unconventional when one has their privacy violated and deliver a sandwich, banana and a Twix bar to the paparazzo. Jagr also turned the tables by filming the photographer throughout the delivery.

Now, my Czech is a bit rusty so I’m relying on Puck Daddy’s translation skills but Jagr went up to the photographer, he told him, “You deserve this for your patience. Hockey taught me to respect my opponents.”

As Jagr was giving the man the meal, he asked him about his profession. “Are you proud of what you do? Are not you ashamed of the way you make money? This is not to snap a few photos, it’s more spying.”

Jagr has a point. Waiting for hours outside a famous persons house to try and capture a moment between Jagr and his girlfriend isn’t the most noble of professions. At the same time, the photographer has a job and there is big money to being a paparazzo. And that wouldn’t be the case if people weren’t interested so that kind of says as much about the people interested in those pictures than the photographer.

But like how celebrities are people, the paparazzi are people too and Jaromir Jagr was the bigger man in showing respect to his adversary. Let’s hope the photographer remembers that the next time he wants to invade somebody’s privacy for profit.

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