April Fools’ Day jokes and pranks are usually pretty lame and at best get an eye roll from those who watch them. Thankfully, the New Jersey Devils and their mascot added a bit of fun on a tiresome day by scaring the hell out of their employees early in the morning.

The Devils employees boarded an elevator as they would on any other normal morning. This time there was one little difference as a miniature hockey net was set up in the back of the elevator. When the doors opened, the team’s staff was in for a surprise.

Elevators are a prime and familiar location for a prank. The Devils added a fun spin on things by giving their staff some time to ponder why there’s a net with them in the elevator. Surprise! The doors open and they’re right in the middle of a shooting gallery accompanied by an air horn.

Some of these reactions were pretty solid too, though we’re a bit disappointed no one tried their best Martin Brodeur impression.

Of course, this prank also reminded us of one of our favorite This is SportsCenter commercials.

Going up?

Pay attention the next time you board an elevator in New Jersey – especially if it’s near April Fools’ Day.

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