The Vegas Golden Knights are taking an appropriate step to ensure dazzling in-game entertainment in Sin City. On Thursday, they announced a partnership with Cirque Du Soleil.

The agreement will run three seasons.

“The multi-year partnership extends through June 2020 and provides Cirque du Soleil with in-bowl branding elements throughout T-Mobile Arena, including dasher board signage, LED ribbon board exposure, digital presence on the homepage and mobile app and various in-game features.”

Additionally, Vegas will have four “Cirque du Soleil” nights. Performers will provide intermission entertainment and will be involved during in-game presentation elements. Vegas is (appropriately) going for a full spectacle. Those tickets are going to be hot.

For those unaware, Cirque De Soleil is a hugely popular entertainment company specializing in incredible acrobatic stunts.

How many teams can say they’ll have freaking Cirque Du Soleil perform during a live game? It sure beats all those generic “shoot the puck” contests that occur across the league.

Honestly, partnering with Cirque Du Soleil and having them provide in-game entertainment is probably more exciting to most people than the actual hockey game being played.

Kudos to the Golden Knights for embracing their Vegas roots. It’s the exact thing they needed to do to build the franchise’s foundation. Las Vegas already has so much character, why not build on that?

Hopefully, the partnership opens the floodgates of NHL teams actually trying to entertain fans in unique ways during intermissions. However, it’s going to be nearly impossible to top Cirque.

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