cyclist technique

The sport of cycling has evolved quite a bit over the years as riders learn and implement new strategies to account for things like wind resistance and aerodynamics. But one rider appears to have taken those strategies to a new extreme, riding his bike in a very unorthodox way, but to plenty of success.

In a video that’s since gone absolutely viral on Twitter, cyclist Michael Guerra is seen riding down a hill. But instead of continuing to pedal like his competitors, he took a completely new approach. Guerra unclipped his feet from his pedals and laid chest-first down on his seat, straightening his legs above his rear tire as if he were flying like superman.

“This is a cyclist using his knowledge of physics and aerodynamics to gain a competitive advantage Michael Guerra unclips from his pedals, lies down on the seat and stretches out his legs to achieve ultimate aerodynamic efficiency,” Vala Afshar said on Twitter.

It may look a little odd, but it absolutely worked. In less than a minute, Guerra passes five cyclists to move into what appears to be the leader’s position. He even passes the motorized derny, whose rider mimics Guerra’s technique as he passes.

Sometimes, the unorthodox approach is the best approach. Perhaps we’ll even see it used in the Tour de France one day.

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