With teams able to score on every serve and the matches only best-of-three, the emotions and momentum of a beach volleyball match at the Olympics can swing rather quickly.

These quick swings were perfectly embodied by a young Brazilian fan Sunday.

This excited fan was watching Brazilian beach volleyball superstars Larissa Franca and Talita Antunes on Sunday as the duo won a highly-contested, three-set match against Switzerland. The match was full of intense moments, and our young Brazilian fan has gifted us with a very dramatic, emotional reaction for each and every moment of Sunday’s three-set thriller.

In less than a minute, we see so many great reactions from this youngster. It started with the classic hands-in-the-head reaction. We then see moments of dancing, sad tears, jumping up and down, head scratching, screaming, and it all ends with a burst of happy tears. Let’s also not forget this young man’s valiant effort to keep the wave going inside the stadium.

This young man has a passion for sports, and we salute him for that. Thankfully, America’s youth has passion for sports, too. Back in July, one young fan gave us a show of emotions during a Pittsburgh Pirates fan.

With Franca and Antunes headed to the semifinals, it’s likely our young Brazilian friend will be making a few more cameo appearances on screen. Lord only knows how emotional this young man could get if Franca and Antunes take on the U.S. beach volleyball duo of Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross in the gold medal.


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