The Pro fishing world was rocked with controversy this week when an angler and his partner were caught cheating, stuffing the fish they caught with extra weight Friday during an event to artificially raise the weight of the catch in an attempt to win the competition and pocket the cash prize.

According to the Sharon Herald, Chase Cominsky and Jake Runyon appeared to be the winners of the Lake Erie Walleye Trail Championship until event organizers decided to cut open their fish, revealing several lead weights and fish fillets stuffed inside their catch.

“Serious Controversy in Pro fishing tournament as multiple-time winners caught stuffing lead weights and other fish filets in their fish to have the heaviest catch to win hundreds of thousands in prizes,” Billy of Barstool Sports wrote on Twitter.

Lake Erie Walleye Trail director Jason Fischer posted a reaction to the shocking events on his Facebook account.

“Disgusted guys and gals, I’m sorry for letting you down for so long and I’m glad I caught cheating taking place in YOUR LEWT at the same time,” Fischer wrote on Facebook. “I hope you know now that when I say ‘you built this LEWT and I will defend its integrity at all costs,’ I mean it. You all deserve the best.”

This isn’t the first time the duo has been accused of cheating. Cominsky and Runyan were both disqualified from the Fall Brawl fishing event one of them had failed a polygraph test following their apparent victory.

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