FIFA Jul 26, 2023; Wellington, NZL; United States midfielder Andi Sullivan (17) stops a ball with her foot during a training session ahead of the team’s match against the Netherlands in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Mandatory Credit: Jenna Watson-USA TODAY Sports

Two former NWSL players had to release a statement Monday after one of them was caught on video giving a Nazi salute at a Pro-Israel rally.

Stefany Ferrer Van Ginkel who us to play for Angel City FC in 2022 — gave the “Sieg Heil” salute from the passenger seat of a car while she and another soccer player Samim Haydari, drove through Beverly Hills.

After demonstrators saw the two, they could be heard in the background yelling “Shame on you!” to the pair.

Ferrer’s former team, Angel City, quickly released a statement distancing themselves from the incident.

“Stefany Ferrer Van Ginkel (stefvangi21) does not play for Angel City Football Club, nor has she been affiliated with the club since November 2022. We condemn her recent actions and statements.”

While Haydari offered an apology for the incident, Van Ginkel did not.

“I know we have approached the situation with hate and made it worse with our actions,” … before adding, “We acted childish,” an LA TV station reported.

Tension has not only been high in that region but also here in the states where some Americans have taken sides, and at times, it has gotten ugly, as demonstrated by this incident in LA.

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