Herschel Walker

In order to represent a state as a Senator, you have to be a resident of that state. And that might be a problem for Georgia Bulldogs star running back Herschel Walker as he faces incumbent Raphael Warnock in a critical run-off election for Georgia senate to close out an extremely combative election in the 2022 midterms. Walker wants to represent Georgia in the Senate, but it’s recently been revealed that Walker might not even live in Georgia – though he’s denying that claim.

Herschel Walker got himself into a little trouble earlier this month when he received a $1,500 tax credit on a home outside Dallas, Texas, intended only for primary residences. This revelation seemed to indicate that he didn’t actually live in Georgia primarily. This news seemed to be confirmed when documents showed that Walker hadn’t been living in his current address for at least two years before beginning his campaign. Earlier this year, Walker himself even publically admitted that he lived in Texas.

But in an interview with Fox News on Wednesday, Walker flatly denied the allegations, saying “I’m a resident of Georgia.”

“This tells you how desperate Raphael Warnock is right now,” Walker said. “Because anyone in Georgia would know Herschel Walker is more Georgia than Raphael Warnock. Anyone in Georgia know that I’m Georgia born, Georgia bred, and when I die, I’ll be Georgia dead. Everyone knows that.”

Based on the latest polls, Walker and Warnock appear to be in a dead heat in the senate race.

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