The New York Daily News had itself a very sad but inspiring story on Wednesday. It was about a Jeopardy contestant who died days before her episode was set to air.

And while the story itself is very nice, the Daily News managed to make itself the story by coming up with a very inappropriate tweet to promote the story.


Yikes. The Daily News is definitely no stranger to outrageous headlines, but this is just straight-up offensive. After receiving plenty of backlash, they did take down the tweet and tweet out another link that was much more appropriate.

This is definitely an example of someone trying to get attention when they really should’ve just been focusing on getting the story out there. You have to know when to be witty and when to just share the information.

For those interested in the story itself, the woman died on Dec. 5 after battling cancer. She had always wanted to be on Jeopardy and got a chance to tape an episode back in August. Her episode is set to premiere Dec. 13.

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