As wrestlers get older and start to explore other opportunities to entertain, it is not uncommon for them to step out of the WWE spotlight for a while before making a thunderous return for a storyline or two in between gigs.

Right now, Chris Jericho is taking a break from professional wrestling to entertain the masses with his rock band, Fozzy. As he tours the country with his band, the future is uncertain as far as his pro wrestling days are concerned. And Jericho doesn’t seem to be itching to return any time soon.

It’ll be a long time before I go back,” Jericho said to The Washington Post. “If I ever do go back, if I never go back, it’s fine. If I never wrestle another match, it wouldn’t bother me.”

No more Y2J in the squared ring? Say it ain’t so!

Now, it should be noted that walking away for good from the WWE is something that is near impossible for many of the top stars in the organization over the years. They just about always come back at some point, even if for just a special guest appearance or a short plot to drum up interest in a Pay-Per-View event or two. For example, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has come back to wrestle in between movie gigs in the past. Now that The Rock is a full-time action movie star, his wrestling gigs have been put to rest. Besides, he may also be running for president soon enough.

As far as we know, Jericho has no plans to run for office, so for now he is simply looking to enjoy life on the road in a different spotlight. Jericho has been wrestling since the early 90s and while he has taken time off in the past, those bumps can catch up to anyone. We shouldn’t rule out the possibility Jericho returns to the ring in the future, as he has done in the past, but until further notice, the only way to see him will be at a Fozzy concert.

Then again, this could all be for show, and there could be something big in the plans for after Jericho’s tour with Fozzy wraps up in late June.


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