In pro wrestling, people are taught to “never say never” but if there was ever an exception to that rule, it would be CM Punk never wrestling again.

Sure, Punk’s made a random appearance at an independent show, done live interviews at wrestling conventions, worked for Fox Sports’ WWE studio show, and will be portraying a pro wrestler in a series for Starz but many figured he wouldn’t take part in another match again.

That might change thanks to this report from Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp. In a post to Patreon subscribers, Sapp revealed that Punk is “in talks for a potential return to the ring.” Since that posted, some details have escaped the paywall. Mainly that AEW is the “most likely” destination for Punk to return to the ring.

It’s important to note that nothing is set and that it’s just talks for now, and just having talks doesn’t mean CM Punk is coming back. Punk and AEW have had occasional discussions about him getting back to wrestling but a deal is still yet to be made. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped the pro wrestling community to let loose with their thoughts on the possibility of Punk returning to the ring.

[@SeanRossSapp/Photo: WWE]



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