If you watched Survivor Series last night, you were probably left wondering why the hell WWE finished the main event the way they did.

Essentially, apart from Braun Strowman, only part-timers remained in the match where once Randy Orton was eliminated, put Shane McMahon alone against Strowman, Kurt Angle and Triple H.

Triple H then turned on Angle and gave him a pedigree so McMahon pinned him. And then once it seemed that the brothers-in-law were on the same team, Triple H turned on McMahon, pedigreed him and got the pin and made he and Strowman the sole survivors.

After the match, a confused Strowman (seemingly speaking for most viewers) was trying to piece together what happened. He then beat up The Game and that’s how Survivor Series ended. It was a stupid way to end a pay-per-view but it seems like it did set up a Braun Strowman-Triple H matchup at one of the big pay-per-views so we got that going for us.

But fans at Houston’s Toyota Center got a bit of a bonus for their trouble at seeing this event live. When the cameras were off and Triple H walked up the stage with his wife, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, Triple H turned around and ran straight into the video board.

Some said this was part of the show and Triple H was still selling his beatdown by Braun Strowman. That’s plausible and I’m sure if anyone asks, that’ll be story WWE probably goes with, but I’m not quite sure. If that was intentional, I would’ve thought Triple H would have protected his head a lot more effectively than this.

Either way, it seems like Triple H is going to be back on TV a lot more, and we got a funny moment. It’s no Shockmaster but still funny.

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1 thought on “Triple H runs straight into video board after Survivor Series ended

  1. Had to be a work. He sold it too much. Walking into a flexible thing like that wouldn’t have hurt him enough to stagger. Or else, maybe he just sold it afterward because he’s that much of a professional. Remember how much he sold Foley’s stupid Mandible Claw a few months ago? He looked like he was in impacted-wisdom-tooth pain…

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