Yesterday, it was revealed that The Undertaker would face Rusev in a Casket Match at the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia. While this hurts the Rusev Day festivities, WWE instead decided to have The Undertaker face Chris Jericho on April 27.

In storyline, WWE made the change because Lana, Rusev’s real-life wife, talked to WWE officials and refused to let Rusev compete in a Casket Match.

This is a pretty good storyline reason to change it up. In reality, while I love Rusev and The Undertaker and feel the two would put out a good match, it was kind of a random pairing. Rusev entered WWE at a time where The Undertaker pretty much only did WrestleMania so the two of them haven’t had any interaction. And if Rusev had won, I could see that finally being the catalyst for WWE to actually give Rusev a long overdue push.

But in the end, putting Chris Jericho in this match would be a great nostalgia match for Attitude Era fans who grew up watching people like Y2J and Taker. That and I’m sure Rusev is going to be inserted in another match or even in the Royal Rumble itself. Even WWE cannot deny the fans on Rusev Day.


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