Denny Hamlin

The NASCAR world is up in arms this week after a wreck at last weekend’s Cup Series race at Texas Motor Speedway left driver Alex Bowman with concussion-like symptoms that will keep him out of next week’s race at Talladega Motor Speedway, even though he was somehow allowed to finish the race in Texas. Bowman’s injury has led to quite the reaction, and that includes star driver Denny Hamlin.

On Thursday night, Hamlin posted a Tweet blasting the league for its unsafe cars as well as its handling of the Bowman injury, criticizing NASCAR for not accepting responsibility for drivers’ injuries.

“Pretty disappointing that our sanctioning body refuses to acknowledge or accept any responsibility for drivers getting hurt. It’s the same THEY said. WE knew better. It’s wrong these drivers continue to get taken advantage of by the system,” Hamlin said in a Tweet.

Hamlin’s comments came just moments after fellow driver Kevin Harvick also ripped NASCAR for its unsafe cars, mentioning that when NASCAR presented the new car to drivers, Hamlin was “pleading that the car was [too] stiff.”

It’s not clear whether or not NASCAR will have any real response to Harvick or Hamlin’s complaints. But it is clear that the pair of star drivers are not happy, and aren’t afraid to speak their minds.

[Denny Hamlin]