It’s no secret that we love the Planet Earth series and were beyond excited for its return, 10 years after the original wowed everyone on, well, planet Earth. The acclaimed nature series is one of the most captivating programs to ever appear on any screen, whether it be from a content or a cinematic perspective.

Well it’s only right that after Planet Earth got its sequel in 2016 that the similar Blue Planet series focusing on the world’s oceans gets its sequel as well. And in good news for all of us nature geeks out there, that is indeed happening in 2017.

The original Blue Planet first appeared on the BBC in 2001, predating the Planet Earth first run by a full five years. In many ways, it was a pioneer in the nature-focused, movie-style documentary field. According to the BBC, the sequel will air later this year and once again feature the irreplaceable Sir David Attenborough as the narrator.

The BBC’s Natural History Unit spent four years filming off every continent and in every ocean for Blue Planet II, with support from marine scientists.

James Honeyborne, the series’ executive producer, said: “The oceans are the most exciting place to be right now, because new scientific discoveries have given us a new perspective of life beneath the waves.

“Blue Planet II is taking its cue from these breakthroughs, unveiling unbelievable new places, extraordinary new behaviours and remarkable new creatures. Showing a contemporary portrait of marine life, it will provide a timely reminder that this is a critical moment for the health of the world’s oceans.”

In case you don’t remember the original, this is the kind of awesomeness you have to look forward to…

With four years of filming and so many new depths being explored, this is going to be a must-watch series with promises of new discoveries we’ve never seen before.