Have you ever had one of those days? You know, a day where nothing is going right, the week has beaten you down, you’re questioning your place in the world and starting to wonder if some of the life decisions you’ve made have really put you in a situation where you can make a difference? Weren’t you going to be a doctor, or an astronaut or something meaningful?

You know those days, where the grind gets the better of you, where the existential crisis of our very being seems to overwhelm rational thought and the notion of spending another eight hours arguing with people over Donald Trump or Johnny Manziel or Peyton Manning or Cam Newton dancing or Cam Newton blowing off the media or Cam Newton dancing while blowing off the media or, hey, Bill Simmons has a new website that seems cool, or the Pope or, oh, Johnny Manziel again makes it so easy for the darkness to cover that tiny sliver of light.

You know those days. Where we question if the internet should even exist.

Well, today is NOT ONE OF THOSE DAYS, thanks for former Colombian footballer Faustino Asprilla!

Yes, friends, that is a Tyrannosaurus Rex, riding a horse while the horse is learning how to play soccer. And the T-Rex is the one teaching the horse how to play! And inside the T-Rex suit is Asprilla who, at one time, was named by FIFA as one of the ten best players in the world (1996) and who was arrested in 2008 after shooting up a security post near his home in Colombia with a machine gun and…wait that’s horrible.

T-Rex on a horse kicking a soccer ball!

Hooray, internet!!!

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