Minor League teams pull out all the marketing stops to bring people to games but the best may be from Las Vegas Lights FC.

The USL Championship team is known for coming up with bizarrely genius ideas is back at it again for 2020 and Las Vegas is focusing on one thing that many soccer fans have strong opinions about. Soccer jerseys.

Many MLS fans believe that due to a mix of opinion from the League, each team, and Adidas, most MLS jerseys are rather plain and boring. Many people believe they can do a better job and given USL has looser standards on what is designed, Las Vegas Lights FC is putting them to the test. Las Vegas Lights FC announced they will be launching a different fan designed jersey for every home game in 2020 that will correspond with the gameday promotion. In addition, season ticket holders get the first jersey for free.

Many of these promotions are completely off-the-wall and wonderful. Some of my personal favorite promotions include the following:

3/14 – Guaranteed Win Night – If Vegas doesn’t win, everyone there gets a free ticket to the next home game.
5/2 – The Great American Llama Derby – Llama racing due to the Kentucky Derby.
5/9 – Salute to Soccer Moms – Crowning “Soccer Mom of the Year.”
6/13 – Paws on the Pitch – Fans encouraged to bring their dogs as well as having the “Doggie Olympics.”
7/11 – Midnight Match – For those who work nights or who never sleep in Vegas, they can come to a match at starts at 11 pm.
9/5 – $5,000 Cash Drop – Someone tosses $5,000 in various denominations of bills from a helicopter onto the field while fans grab as much money as they can.

So yeah, if you’re in the area, going to a Las Vegas Lights FC game looks like some fun.

[Photo: Patrick Connolly-Las Vegas Review Journal]

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