Real Madrid

Real Madrid’s preseason continues to roll on in preparation for their first competitive game of the new season in the UEFA Super Cup against Sevilla in Trondheim, Norway on August 9.

Naturally, los Blancos need a place to train and set up camp before the game, and they looked like they had found a location at a school. But there was a hitch.

There are 270 kids who live and study at the school Real Madrid had picked, and because the school didn’t want to kick all of them out while Real was in town (since the team wanted all training and the like closed to the public), no agreement could be reached.

The school is for soccer training and is located very close to the stadium in Trondheim where the game will be played, but the school decided to put the betterment of the kids ahead of cowtowing to Real Madrid.

That’s a rarity in the world and also pretty cool. Go Norwegian kids.

[NRK- Story in Norwegian]

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