It’s certainly concerning when one of our older residents has COVID-19 but it can be devastating to people of all ages. Sydney Leroux unfortunately had to witness that as she saw her two kids have a horrible time with COVID.

The former USWNT star and current Orlando Pride forward posted on Instagram about her kids’ ordeal with the virus. It’s important to note that four-year-old Cassius and 21-month-old Roux are now healthy, and Sydney said she managed to stay healthy, but Cassius and Roux were experiencing some bad symptoms for a couple weeks that you have to feel for them.


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“For the longest time we’ve heard that children aren’t badly affected by COVID and, maybe, for the most part that is the case. For us – it wasn’t. A few weeks ago I woke up to my son screaming in the middle of the night. When I felt his body it was like Cassius was burning from the inside out. The next morning he tested positive for COVID. Three days later it hit my daughter Roux – a fever, vomiting, exhaustion and an awful cough. It has been an extremely hard couple of weeks, but thankfully things are much better now. I wanted to share this story to urge everyone to continue taking this virus seriously, when it comes to both you AND your children. I am extremely grateful that both my kids are back to good health and lucky that, somehow, I managed to stay healthy throughout. So please keep wearing your mask, stay socially distanced and get a vaccine if/when you can so we can beat this virus together.”

While more and more people have been getting vaccinated, we’re still not out of the woods. Hopefully things keep trending in the right direction but that can always change. And as Leroux noted, while it’s not likely for younger people to develop bad symptoms, it can happen so still be careful.

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