Fan Chugging a Beer

Last year, a woman went viral at the 2021 US Open Tennis Tournament for her beer-chugging capabilities, and it appears she’s at it again this year.

At the 2021 edition of the esteemed tennis tournament last year, a television camera panned to a girl in the crowd who immediately began chugging her beer as soon as she realized she was on camera – much to the delight of the crowd and social media.

The next day, however, she proved it wasn’t just a one-off event. When the cameras found her in the crowd once again, she once again reached for her beer and chugged the entire thing on camera as the crowd cheered her on.

At this point, she’s become well known for her beer-chugging abilities, so when the camera found her again in the crowd as a spectator at this year’s US Open, she was prepared and knew exactly what to do – chug a beer.

The video has since gone viral, with plenty of people reacting to the girl’s antics on Twitter.

But some tennis fans were not quite as enthused or impressed by the girl’s chugging ability.

For better or for worse, it looks like we have ourselves a new tradition.

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