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Alix Earle is riding a 3-game win streak on the sidelines of Hard Rock Stadium, cheering on her Miami Dolphins WR beau, Braxton Berrios. On Sunday, October 29, however, Earle was noticeably absent from the field during the Dolphins-Patriots game after attending three consecutive home games.

Trouble in paradise, or did Earle just have something better to do?

According to Earle’s TikTok, where she posts daily vlogs to her more than 6 million followers, there was indeed a bombshell reason for her absence. But not in the way you might think.

Earle spent the weekend in New York City hosting a Halloween party at the Marquee nightclub. Her costume? None other than ’90s bombshell Madonna in her Vogue era, complete with headset, faux mole, and iconic cone bra. Is it possible that Earle did Madonna even better than Miley Cyrus?


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Following the party and – let’s face it – a much-needed recovery day, Earle was scheduled to appear on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Just prior to the interview, Earle posted a ‘Get Ready With Me’ video sharing both excitement and nerves, something that endears her to fans. She pulls on a short, black dress before adding an off-the-cuff but relatable remark: “I have to practice sitting and how I’m going to cross my legs so my crotch isn’t out.” A few seconds later, she discovered she had forgotten deodorant. That’s the thing about Alix Earle. She’s both the It Girl and the Girl Next Door.

On Sunday, November 5, the Miami Dolphins will play the Kansas City Chiefs in Frankfurt, Germany, an exciting matchup between two 6-2 teams. The next logical question is: will Alix Earle and Taylor Swift make the trip? Both women are undefeated when attending games supporting their respective NFL men, and something has to give.

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