Marijuana legalization actually helping to increase beer sales

If beer companies were worried that the spread of legalized marijuana was going to take away from their business, they may feel assured to know that is not proving to be the case. According to a report from an investment firm. it was discovered that beer sales have actually increased in states where marijuana is legalized. Over […]


End of the rainbow: man who stole NYC pot of gold caught in Ecuador

Generally, I don’t pull for criminals. The world isn’t a movie, and if people are willing to break the law, that’s not really a good thing. But sometimes, the crime itself is so brazen, foolhardy, and not violent or harmful, that you kind of just want to see the perp get away with it. This […]


Woman sentenced for channeling inner Mike Tyson and biting cop’s ear

A Massachusetts woman is heading to prison after biting off a piece of a police officer’s ear. The Boston Herald reports that 19-year-old Emma Wiley was sentenced to a total of four years in prison on two charges stemming from a late night fight and the bite itself. Wiley got into a fight with another woman […]

That’s not nice – the New Zealand national cricket team has banned #69

Players on New Zeland’s national cricket team that want to pick a very nice jersey number will need to instead choose one that isn’t nice at all. No cricketer for New Zealand has ever worn #69, which was first noticed by Calum Henderson of The Spinoff when Lockie Ferguson made his debut for the national […]

czech gym

80 people sprinted out of a Czech gym when the roof collapsed

On Saturday night two local Czech Republic floorball teams were participating in an intense game. What happened next could’ve taken the lives of 80 people, but instead they all escaped. Here’s video: The roof begins to collapse about 15 seconds in, when the official next to the goal began to sprint towards a door. According […]

pennies lots of em

Virginia man pays DMV taxes in 300,000 pennies just to inconvenience the state

I don’t know if this is the revolution Bernie Sanders was talking about, but it’s a start. A man used 300,000 pennies to pay taxes at the DMV office in Lebanon, Virginia, simply to inconvenience the state. That’s a lot of pennies. Five wheelbarrows and 1,600 pounds to be exact. Nick Stafford initially filed three lawsuits […]

regina vagina mail

Regina woman’s paycheck sent to Vagina, but gets delivered correctly anyway

Ah, yes. Regina, Saskatchewan, the wonderful Canadian city known for not much else than sounding a lot like vagina. The most rhymable city in the world made the news again Thursday, as a local received her first paycheck from a new job addressed to “Vagina, SK.” But what makes this even better? Not only was the province […]

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 11.12.29 AM

Florida maid of honor gets drunk and violent at wedding reception

A Florida maid of honor really lived up to the Florida stereotype after a wedding reception really turned ugly and violent. Amanda Willis, the maid of honor, very quickly got drunk and all hell broke loose. Wedding guests detailed what all Willis did and it was insane. In somewhat chronological order, Willis did the following. […]

1483952937_Nancy Holten 320

Swiss town denies passport for ‘annoying’ vegan

Did you know that in Switzerland, the people in the town you live in can determine whether or not you become a Swiss citizen? This is exactly what the townspeople of Gipf-Oberfrick did when they denied Swiss citizenship to a woman for the second time because of her vegan beliefs. Nancy Holten, a 42-year-old who has lived […]


This badminton player might be the best athlete in human history

We in North America don’t know a lot about badminton other than what we learned in gym class. But we do know greatness when we see it, and folks, this badminton rally between Denmark and Japan at the 2016 Dubai World Superseries Finals is greatness. You’re going to want to especially pay attention to the […]


This ‘goat yoga’ class in Oregon has a waiting list of 900 people

A lot of people really like yoga. It’s healthy and challenging but also relaxing and meditative. It’s a solid activity. But some people don’t like yoga. They think it’s kind of dull, lacking any sense of adventure. And to those people, the good folks at No Regrets Farm in Albany, Oregon have a simple answer: goats. Via […]


With egg on face, Colin Cowherd explains commentators need to be interesting but not correct

Colin Cowherd called Clemson a fraud. Dabo Swinney obviously didn’t take too kindly to that and addressed the slight in his post game conference. He went as far to call Cowherd a fraud 🔥🔥🔥 ! Swinney calling out Cowherd wasn’t something that could be ignored and hence, Cowherd addressed it on his show. Here […]


Fiat and Ford once again will manufacture Jeep Wagoneer and Ford Bronco

Car companies are bringing back classic pieces of Americana. On Sunday, car manufacturer Fiat announced production of two new takes on classic card models – the Jeep Wagoneer and the Grand Wagoneer. On Monday, Ford confirmed the Ford Bronco will also get a new model. The Grand Wagoneer was a true piece of car culture in […]


World’s best neighbors have an LED ice hockey rink in their backyard

Neighbors are often hit or miss. There’s no getting around that. Sometimes you get awesome fun people you can be friends with. Other times you get some old guy who mows his lawn shirtless every Saturday at 7:30 AM. Shaun and Laura Carlon, of Maple Grove, Minnesota, are pretty clearly in the former group. Take […]


SUV drives full speed through comic book store

I think a drive-thru comic book store is a great idea, but not anything like this. Okay, bad joke aside, this had to have been a scary moment for both the driver and the people inside this comic book store. At full speed, an SUV drove through a comic book store in Huntsville, Alabama. As […]


Snow park in Atlanta is closed due to… snow?

Whenever snow comes down in certain parts of the country that don’t necessarily expect it, you’ll see some signs of the snow armageddon. One of the more ridiculous cases this winter has been taking place in metro Atlanta. We saw a hint of that when we saw the news forecast that had roughly one million […]