Dwight Isn’t Going Anywhere, For Now

Twitter / @WojYahooNBA: Orlando has ended trade ta …

The Los Angeles Lakers, New Jersey Nets, Dallas Mavericks or any other team with hopes of trading for Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard will have to shelve those thoughts as it seems the Magic have ended trade talks for their franchise center.

Does this mean Orlando is making the right moves behind the scenes to keep “Superman’s” cape flowing in the Magic Kingdom remains to be seen, but one things is for sure, if Dwight does intend on leaving after this season, the Magic could be empty handed if a deal isn’t struck before then. Then fans, and the media will be quick to put the blame squarely on the Magic front office as to why anything wasn’t done to get some value before Howard signed with any other team.

Either way, ending trade talks now (along with the media circus) is much more important than where Howard may or may not go. This is a huge distraction not just for Dwight and the Magic brass, but for the team. Now that training camp is underway and the regular season fast approaching, the focus should be on the here-and-now as Orlando gets ready for the truncated season.

Of course if you are any of the teams hoping to land the league’s best defender, all you can do is know this topic isn’t over. Lakers, Mavs, Nets and all other teams will get another shot at Howard as the season rolls onward.

Expect this topic to rear its head once again as the trade deadline come around.