Heading To A Mavericks Game? Get Ready To Empty Your Wallet

If you are a Dallas Mavericks fan and looking to score a ticket to opening night to see the Mavs unveil their NBA title banner and receive their rings, get ready to shell out some major cash.

Mavericks tickets rank (via New York Daily News) number one when it comes to a single-game home ticket at a whopping $228 average.


Knicks tickets among most expensive in NBA | New York Daily News via kwout

Shocking is how Knicks tickets prices aren’t as pricey in comparison. Many usually point to Knicks tickets as being incredibly expensive but now they look reasonable compared to Dallas and Miami.

Also, who ever would think Grizzlies tickets would rank so high? Sure the team has made great strides recently on the court but $145 average is pushing it if I was a Memphis fan.

But as far as Dallas, this ticket price just comes with the territory of being the NBA champs.

With Dirk Nowitizki and company ready to defend their title, and the buzz in Dallas will be deafening as tickets will be in high-demand. Not to mention, $228 a pop for a championship product on the court might justify the high-cost to attend a game.

I guess there will be no “break” given to Mavs or Heat fans who also suffered through the lockout. Might want to cut the fans a break Mark Cuban. Especially seeing how NBA owners made off like bandits in the tentative CBA agreement.