Orlando Magic President Drunk Dialed Dwight Howard


Twitter / @MisterRudolph: Sources indicated that Bob … via kwout

This, my friends, is rock bottom.  It’s like Mike from “Swingers” bad (I still can’t sit through that scene).  I’m sorry, Orlando Magic fans.  You definitely deserve better than to be at the center of what is, at the risk of being hyperbolic, among the most embarrassing stories in NBA history.  

We’ve all been at a “drunk dial” stage in our lives.  And I think after we’ve gotten past that stage, we all look back and say “wow, I really was a desperate idiot back then, wasn’t I?”  I’m sure Bob Vander Weide is coming to that realization now that he’s resigned from his job.  And I’ll say the same thing to Bob that I say to my friends considering the drunk dial:  it’s not worth it.  No one is worth this.  

“But you don’t understand”

Yes, I do.  I’ve been there, too.  Let it go, man.  

Let it go. 

I think its time for Orlando to collectively rise up and have an equal, opposite reaction.  It’s time to stop being held hostage by these talks, and to stop being embarrassed by this franchise’s behavior.  It’s time for Orlando to stand up to Dwight, say “you either want to be here, or you don’t… so which is it?”  If he doesn’t sign an extension, then you openly shop him and be done with it.  If he signs the extension, then you start trying like hell to build around him. 

The Drunk Dial is the last straw.  Orlando, you can’t let yourselves go out like this.