Under Armour’s New Ad Will Get You Hyped

Under Armour is trying like hell to break into the very lucrative basketball sneaker market.  It’s really Nike’s domain, with Adidas and Reebok fighting for the scraps.  

But this new ad goes right for the heart.  It’s not about the stars doing crazy things.  It’s not about the biggest names showing “I wear this, so should you.”  It cuts through everything to get to the heart of what basketball success is: busting your ass in practice and putting it all together with your teammates come gametime. 

The basketball sneaker business is a big money industry.  The kicks guys wear on the court are becoming part of how a lot of fans enjoy the game.  Sneaker blogs are popping up left and right, proving that the styles are part of the culture.  Brandon Jennings, Kemba Walker and Derrick Williams aren’t the big-money names (yet), but Under Armour is making inroads and building its brand as the gear for the hard workers.  With that niche, and ads like this one, Under Armour may start to burrow its way into the game.