Carmelo Anthony is a Wax Figure Now

Carmelo Anthony is made of wax now. At the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in New York, Anthony now joins the likes of Rosa Parks and Ronald Regan in having his likeness memorialized in Wax. There’s tons of low-hanging fruit jokes here about defense that I won’t mention right now. In some ways I’m even ashamed I referenced the fact that I thought of them right away. I’m not ashamed I’m referencing this video below, however, because it is funny. In it, Carmelo acts like he’s made of wax, impersonating the figure that was made to impersonate him, and then he scares people who think they’re looking at a statue of sorts. Check it out, not something you’d expect from Carmelo. Probably because it’s clever and funny:

Video from Knicks Now, via BroBible

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