Derrick Rose: A picture is worth a thousand words

It was probably, no, it was the last thing Chicago Bulls fans wanted to see in this year’s NBA playoffs, Derrick Rose crumbling in mid-air in the Bulls’ first round series versus the Sixers as his ACL gave way.

Boom! Just like that, the Bulls’ season was practically over as Chicago was bounced out of the playoffs and championship dreams were put on hold.

And as if things couldn’t get any worse for Rose and the Bulls, his rehab could put him out of action for all of next season!

Recently, Rose had successful ACL surgery and if they say a picture is worth a thousand words, then check out Derrick using a walker (h/t Tererz Owens) as he was leaving the hospital.

Sorry for that kick in the groin Bulls fans but if anything, at least he is standing on that bum knee and not in a wheelchair.

But you got to feel for Rose who was having another great season until he got hit with the injury bug for most of the season. You just got to wonder if the hurried season (with minimal training camp) lent to this injury in the playoffs.