LeBron James clearly doesn’t like the Celtics

LeBron James

The Boston Celtics have been a constant road block for LeBron James.  He’s had a personal rivalry with Paul Pierce for years and he’s seen his playoff hopes dashed by the Celtics enough to make his distaste for anything Green understandable.  And last night on Twitter, after the Celtics selected Ohio State’s Jared Sullinger with the 21st pick of the draft, LeBron made no attempt to hide that contempt for Boston.

That’s cool.  That’s fun.  I actually enjoy when players have legitimate contempt for other organizations.  It personalizes things and makes the game more fun.  And LeBron might have another shot for Boston fans.  He might be trying to steal one of the Celtics’ Hall of Famers

There’s no love for LeBron in Boston, and that hate will spread to Ray Allen if he does, indeed, sign there.  There have been reports that Ray is leaning heavily towards signing with Miami, even though Miami may only have the taxpayer’s mid-level (about $3 million) to offer.  He’s coming off one of his best shooting seasons in many years, and he’s still effective enough to command more than that from teams with more cap flexibility.  However, if Ray is chasing another ring, there’s no doubt Miami is the place to go to do that.  He did have arthroscopic surgery to remove bone spurs a couple of weeks ago, but he should be ready to start working out again later next month. 

Meanwhile, LeBron had better watch his step at Boston restaurants.  If I were him, I wouldn’t eat anywhere that doesn’t prepare the food right in front of him.