Love’s patience with Timberwolves running out

There’s no doubting Minnesota Timberwolves’ Kevin Love is one of the premier players in the NBA. He is a walking double-double, is a threat from the three-point line and an All Star. Yet despite these individual accolades, Love wants something more — a better team to chase an NBA title.

In an interview with Yahoo! Sports, Love says he is running out of patience with the Minnesota front office should they not change the roster and make the team a title contender and should they not, he might not stick around for much longer with the team.

“My patience is not high,” Love said. “Would yours be, especially when I’m a big proponent of greatness surrounding itself with greatness? All these [Team USA] guys seem to have great players around them.

“It’s tough seeing all these guys that are young and older who have all played in the playoffs. When they start talking about that, I have nothing to talk about. If I don’t make the playoffs next year I don’t know what will happen.”

And it gets better.

Love wasn’t shy putting the Minnesota management and ownership on notice that this team needs a roster upgrade ASAP.

“If we don’t make the playoffs, I don’t know it’s going to be me or something, but our management needs to step up and make some moves,” Love said.

“But I think our front office and ownership needs to step up and get us some pieces. We need to make some moves. We can’t just stand still. We have to make this happen.”

Currently, the T’Wolves’ roster is mediocre at best with Love and Ricky Rubio being the two centerpieces in the team’s future. Nikola Pekovic emerged as a solid contributor, Derrick Williams needs more time to develop, Brandon Roy is coming back from knee injuries and maybe won’t be the player many saw in Portland, and recently acquired Chase Budinger (draft day trade with the Rockets) is a nice pick up but not a top-tier player needed to make Minnesota a huge threat in the NBA.

One can appreciate Love’s desire to win and his competitive nature, however, the last thing he needs to do is become another player such as LeBron James while in Cleveland or, worse, Dwight Howard when it comes to dealing with a franchise and becoming a media fiasco.

If Love is having issues with the team makeup, then he needs to keep this behind closed doors and talk directly with Minnesota management instead of going to the media to vent his frustrations.

Sure it makes for great stories, and Love’s play for Minnesota doesn’t deserve consistent losing seasons, but handling frustration with the team the way Love did here, is not very professional.

Minnesota is a young team. They are well under the cap and can throw some good money at viable free agents but then the question becomes, do any available free agents want to come play for the T’Wolves?

With a GM (David Kahn) who does not have a stellar reputation, combined with many losing seasons, it came make Minnesota a less-than-desirable destination for any player but that is for the front office to handle, and not for Love to go public.