Pacers’ Hibbert treats fans to a night out at the movies

The truncated NBA season is quickly coming to a close. The NBA Finals are fully underway, teams are preparing for the draft, free agency starts in a few weeks, and teams will be gearing up for the 2012 NBA Summer League soon.

It was a successful shortened season, as fans were treated to great games, exciting playoffs and much more despite the season nearly being lost due to an owners lockout. The fans weathered the storm, dealt with owners and players squabbling over millions yet they still came back to fill the seats at NBA arenas and cheer on their favorite team.

And while the NBA marketing department is thanking fans through commercials, and TV spots featuring their players, Indiana Pacers’ Roy Hibbert took it a step forward and took fans (members of his Area 55 fan club) to the movies to see Prometheus, and footed the bill (h/t Pass The Pill).

Of course he did have some rules if fans wanted to go. No one could talk about next season or his impending free agency.

However, this was a pretty cool way to give back to the fans. More NBA players should do the same. At least Hibbert not only can express his gratitude towards his fans, but also make it happen. I am sure this was a night those fans will never forget.

Now about the choice of movie, I saw Prometheus and I got to admit, that’s one creepy flick. Maybe the choice of movie could have been a bit more appropriate.