The Knicks are considering signing Rasheed Wallace

The New York Knicks are considering signing Rasheed Wallace.

That is the joke

Actually, it is not a joke. Ric Bucher broke this hilarious news Sunday.  

I am not even going to pretend to break down what Sheed can give a team at this point. He is 38 (which is still younger than current Knicks Kurt Thomas, Jason Kidd and Marcus Camby) and a good, oh let's say, seven years since he was any sort of regular threat.  

I guess the bigger question at this point is: Why?

Are you looking for cheap help to back up an oft-injured Amar'e Stoudemire? Then why not look in the D-League? Isn't that what it is for? There are young guys who can run and jump and do things like actually make it all the way up and down the floor… which is not necessarily guaran-Sheed.  

Yes, of course Sheed had more natural basketball ability than a lot of guys. It is why he played until 35 and finds himself in the top 100 of many NBA statistical lists. Considering the thousands of players who have graced the hardcourt over decades of NBA basketball, that makes Sheed pretty unique. 

But unless the team is arriving to games in a DeLorean driven by Christopher Lloyd in full Doc Brown costume, any thoughts of signing Rasheed Wallace to an NBA contract should be fleeting.  

That is, of course, unless the team is banking on the Sheed Show bringing in crowds thanks to hilarious news conferences and on-court folly. There would be a lot of that. And considering the fact that Isiah Thomas is probably pulling the strings, it would make a lot of sense. 

In closing, my one message to the Knicks is this: 

The walk from MSG to the Herald Square stop is only a couple of blocks. And six stops later on the B train, I am at the Barclays Center. And maybe I don't like the Joe Johnson trade all THAT much, but they have put a team together that can very well surpass you in the standings.  

Is this really the type of counter you want to pull with the interlopers across the East River so accessible to your fan base?  Is this really the type of attention you want as a movie-villainish bazillionaire Russian makes bold guarantees about playoffs and championships?  

I don't think so.

Sure, you will have your diehards that will never be anything but Knicks fans. But people have short attention spans nowadays. With another option so close by, the Knicks cannot afford to pull stunts like this.