Video: McGee’s mental lapse sums up the Wizards’ season

In case you don’t know, the Washington Wizards are a mess. From Flip Saunders getting fired, to JaVale McGee showboating and subsequently getting benched, this team needs a complete overhaul.

Oh and speaking of McGee, he pulled another idiotic, yet hilarious, move on the court.

In a recent game against the Toronto Raptors, McGee got a wee bit confused after he missed a shot. See, McGee assumed the Raps secured the rebound but little did he know, his team grabbed the board but already was running towards the opposite end of the court.

Check out the hilarity and especially keep an eye on McGee as he is giving his all to head down the court while John Wall looks so confused. Also, seeing JaVale come back to join his team is just as hilarious.