Derrick Rose is 100%, “definitely playing” in season opener

If you are a Bulls fan, feel free to play this in the background as you read this. 

Derrick Rose says he is healthy, and ready to come back. As in, to play actual basketball. 

"I should be able to play in the first game of season," Rose said. "I know I'm anxious right now to play. My health is everything right now, it's 100 percent. But right now, the first game… I will definitely be playing it."

I am going let you have a moment for that to sink in. That means this:

is coming back.

I know people got on him a bit for taking so long, but that is over now.  Whatever was said or done last season should stay there. What good does it do to harp on it now anyway?  

If you care to look at it this way, last year's fifth seed just acquired Derrick Rose. The Bulls managed 45 wins with the 23rd-ranked offense in the league. And with all their injuries, they still managed to WIN A PLAYOFF SERIES!  

There is not much analysis that goes into this. Rose makes the Bulls a LOT better. Tons better. Assuming of course, he can return to his prior form. 

"I don't know how I'm going to react actually when I step on the court or before the game. I know everybody is going to be watching… I'm just trying to prepare for it, go out there and see how it goes. I have a lot of confidence in myself." 

The Bulls will face some stiffer competition in the Central Division. If the Andrew Bynum signing pans out, the Cavaliers are suddenly a pretty good team. The Pacers are clearly very good, having taken the Heat to seven games in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Pistons have a nice young core that is improving. And the Bucks…. well… the Central Division is going to be a little tougher this year.  

So it is nice for the Bulls to have Rose back. 

It is nice for us all to have Rose back.