Look: Golden State wearing “Crossover” alternate uniforms today

Here’s the info behind the alternate uniforms that Golden State is wearing today…..

Sunday’s game represents the first of six occasions this season (all Sundays) on which the Warriors will wear their Crossover alternate uniforms. The new Crossover alternate uniform harkens back to the “Run TMC” era Warriors of the early 90’s and features the very same diagonal lettering worn by the team then, mixed with the color scheme and design of the jerseys the team wears on the road now. The diagonal lettering used on the Crossover alternate uniforms was used during the 1988-89 to 1996-97 seasons. These jerseys not only symbolize a crossover of eras, but also a nod to Run TMC’s Tim Hardaway, who was known for his “Killer Crossover.”

and here’s what they look like…


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