Tech To A&M: We Didn’t Crap On Your Bus

It’s the ultimate sign of disrespect in modern American society: dropping a deuce on something. When people want to get their point across, they start slinging feces.

With Texas A&M leaving the Big 12 in a huff this fall, it should surprise no one that some irritated in-state rivals would decide to “dump” such a harsh insult on the Aggies, as was alleged to be the case this weekend in Lubbock. Sadly, if you found the reported gag as funny as I did – and Texas A&M athletic directo Bill Byrne did notit appears that we’ve been had, thanks to some overzealous tweeting on Byrne’s part.

It turns out that the perpetrators of this crime actually dumped fish bait on the buses shuttling the Aggies around this weekend for their game at Tech, rather than defecating on them, according to a Tech “investigation.” Also, removable shoe polish was used for the prank, not spray paint.

Truthfully, if you’ve ever dealt with fish bait, you know that’s probably a bigger chore to clean up and fumigate than dung. And, really, it’s just not as humorous.

Let this be a lesson to everyone.