Bowlsby new Big 12 commissioner? Is expansion in the air?

Bob Bowlsby
ESPN’s Andy Katz is reporting that Stanford athletic director Bob Bowlsby is likely to accept an offer to be the new Big 12 commissioner.

Names of heavy hitters like ESPN’s Burke Magnus and television industry titan Dick Ebersol had been floated earlier this year as potential candidates. Bowlsby’s candidacy, however, appeared to pick up steam in media circles earlier this week. He’s one of the most respected ADs in the country and has a reputation as a “football man” through and through. That obviously makes him a good fit in Big 12 country.

While I’m sure Chuck Neinas is ready to ditch his interim gig as the Big 12’s head honcho and get back to rainmaking for the coaching industry, why make this move now? We’re two months out from when The Man With the Golden Rolodex expected to cede power.

Well, get ready, expansionistas, because the timing of the hire is screaming that the Big 12 has realignment in mind.

Louisville has long been assumed to be next in line to get an invite, which would save the Cards from the rapidly decaying Big East. Yet, on the heels of last week’s meetings to mull a postseason playoff, could the ACC be vulnerable?

Here’s some fuel for that fire. Stay tuned, because we could be in for yet another long, expansion-filled summer.