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Football stadium cakes never get old. Here is Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium.

It feels like stadiums recreated in cake-form continue to pop up everywhere we look. The amount of work that went in to recreating Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium is nothing short of amazing. As with most of these college football-themed cakes, this was used for a wedding reception, and the final product actually features the bride and groom pictured on the video scoreboard. Check out the work in progress. Of course, yesterday we touched on how Michigan is booking weddings at Michigan Stadium as well. We all knew college football was a romantic sport, but this is taking it all to a new level.
Normally we like to look in to our crystal ball to take a look at the future, but yesterday we looked to the past to see what college football would have been like with a playoff. Last week as ACC Preview Week, but we wrapped things up yesterday with ourbold predictions for the 2012 ACC season. As always, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to easily get our updates and share them with your friends and family.
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Two Pac-12 running backs will skip the 2012 season for different reasons. Utah’s Harvey Langi will serve a mission with the LDS and expects to rejoin the Utes in 2014. Langi was projected to be a top back-up action out of the backfield this season. Stanford’s Tyler Gaffney will skip this season as well in order to pursue his baseball career. Gaffney was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in this year’s amateur draft.

Friday’s CNN report revealing some emails between higher ups at Penn State in response to Jerry Sandusky’s illegal acts have resulted in plenty of reaction. Many have attempted to connect the dots to place more blame on Joe Paterno, which will be confirmed or debunked once the Freeh investigation is released in full and the trial of Tim Curley and Gary Schultz goes to trial. For now, the Paterno family is requesting the release of all emails and records related to the investigation. Dan Wetzel notes that the Penn State archives have a bunch of Paterno’s own documents, but none after 2000.

Calls for the NCAA to hand Penn State the death penalty have been abundant, but perhaps without a legitimate case. Andy Staples says justice will come from the courts, not the NCAA.

TCU had a grand old time ushering in the new Big 12 era. Meanwhile, Texas A&M recruits are buying in to Kevin Sumlin’s swagger.

One of Bill Snyder’s building blocks for building a successful program is to be tough.

Ever wonder how they come up with the team ratings in the NCAA Football video game franchise? It’s science, of course.

Every Day Should Be Saturday took a dip in the box score archives. Kansas fans wish they had not.

Northwestern is planning a new lakefront complex.

Some audio clips for you this morning, courtesy of SiriusXM Sports. First, Wisconsin athletic director and former head coach Barry Alvarez discusses the college football playoffs. Oklahoma Athletic Director Joe Castiglione also discussed the topic. Meanwhile, on ESPN Radio, Scott Van Pelt interviewed NCAA President Mark Emmert and asked about his thoughts on the playoffs as well.

Should the media monitor the selection committee that is used under the new playoff format? Michael Felder sees some issues with that idea.

Florida State’s official t-shirt for this season is rather bland.

Well, this video is full of awesome.

Finally, let us end today’s playbook with what could perhaps be considered a feel-good story. Ray Perkins is back in the coaching game. The former Alabama head coach who once had assistants named Parcells and Belichick is back after 20 years away from coaching as the new head coach at Jones County Junior College in Mississippi.

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