Northern Illinois players go crazy over BCS announcement

There are moments that make you cringe as a college football fan and then, well there's moment's like yesterday – moments like Northern Illinois going to a BCS bowl game that smack you in the face with exactly why college football and college sports in general are so darn awesome. 

A group of underdogs from a conference that's never been to a BCS bowl game ever finally gets their shot and the unbridled celebration that ensued is exactly why most of us got into college football to begin with. You don't see that happening in the NFL, NBA, or any other pro sport. 

It's moments like that one that make you sit back and take in the things that really matter in life sometimes too. For Northern Illinois fans, players, and coaches it's a moment that will define their program for a lifetime to come and seeing that celebration is pretty darn cool.

Andrew Coppens

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