Former Vol Arian Foster admits to taking money, invents a Constitutional Right

Stop the presses, another ex-college football player took money while playing the game. This time the name is Arian Foster and chances are if you participate in NFL fantasy football you know the name. However, that isn't the big news. 

In fact, Arian Foster's admission that he took money while playing at Tennessee would've slipped by most of us as a who really cares moment—except for the final line of the report (linked above). That's because it broke major national news. 

That national news? Let us share the groundbreaking information in Foster's own words for you:

Foster disagreed that a "free education" was a just reward, saying the education wasn't free because college athletes put in just as much work as professional athletes.

"Except I can go make money off of my name," Foster said. "I can go get a side job if I really wanted to. The NCAA takes away your constitutional rights as an American of not being able to go get a job."

Say what……Yes, that's right, Arian Foster's admission of guilt while in college actually broke new ground for each and every American citizen—college football fan or not!

So, America, rejoice….You have a brand new right in this country!!! 

Either that or it just proves how little Arian Foster actually attended class or at a minimum paid attention in class in high school or college. 

I mean, last time I checked in on the Constitution of the United States of America there was no "right to a job" written in to the document. 

But hey, let me give it a second and third over….. 

Yep, still not finding it. 

Strange, because Foster isn't alone in thinking a job is a right in this country

What ou sure as hell have a right to in this country is to look for and find employment in whatever field suits your fancy and at whatever time you feel like it, but no where in the United States of America is having a job a freakin' guarantee.

Look, Foster isn't the first professional football player to admit to taking money in college by far and he won't be the last. Whether or not the NCAA is being "fair" to football players isn't the issue here. 

For me, the real issue is a football player inventing a new Constitutional Right. I mean, it seriously ticks me off. 

Why? Well, I was operating under the assumption that we weren't guaranteed that right and therefore had been struggling to make money and sometimes doing jobs for free over the past three years all in pursuit of my dream of being a professional sports writer. 

Who knew all I had to do was demand a job as one and it would be so?

Seriously, all the 15 hour weekdays and 18 hour weekends for little to no pay weren't worth it? You mean to tell me that working from sun up to sun down ever Saturday in the fall to make my name regardless of payment didn't mean squat?

Not taking a day off and pushing through the hard times to see some sort of sunlight at the end of the dark times didn't mean a damn thing? 

All I had to do was assert my "Constitutional Right" to a job and it would magically pay me what I thought I was worth? 


Thank you Arian Foster for clearing that up. 

So, the next time you interview for a job, I suggest you invoke the name of Arian Foster and let your potential employer know that you are asserting your "Constitutional Right" to a job and you should have no issues landing that job you've always wanted. 

Either that or all of what Arian Foster was complete and utter crap….But hey, who would you trust… A football player who probably never picked up the Constitution or a book in college or some sports writer who's actually seen the actual Constitution in person before?

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