Kent State Defensive Lineman hurdles defender; scores TD on fake punt

There were some grumblings during the MAC games on Tuesday night that the games weren't up to the explosive offenses of years past. Well, Kent State certainly did their part to make up for that in the third quarter of their game with the Ohio Bobcats.

With an eleven point lead, Kent State was forced into a 4th and three from their own 39. The Golden Flashes faked a punt, snapping it to their up man Nate Terhune. Terhune, who happens to be a defensive lineman, found some wide open space to run and hurdled a defender on his way to the end zone in what could be the play of the year. 

It hasn't been a good year for the Golden Flashes, but it looks like they are on their way to a big win over the Bobcats of Ohio.


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