LSU reinstates star RB Jeremy Hill…. by team vote

Hill will roam the LSU backfield in 2013 after all… Thanks to his teammates?
(Photo Courtesy: USA Today Sports)

Earlier this summer we brought you the story of Jeremy Hill and his “indefinite suspension” from the LSU football team. Well, consider that suspension over and Hill apparently can thank his teammates for it.

Yes, you read that right…. Head coach Les Miles, ever the mad hatter, decided to cop out and leave the decision to keep Hill off the team or allow him back on to his teammates. I bet you can’t guess what happened next? The team “unanimously” voted Hill back on the team.

How generous of them, huh? Also, how ridiculous of Les Miles, huh?

Miles, who makes $4.3 million annually, couldn’t make this decision for the team? Talk about letting the inmates run the asylum…. At least Miles can say it was out of his hands, right?

Hey, I’m all for team votes – if those votes are for things like team captains, what uniforms to wear this week, what movie to watch on the next plane trip, etc. – those are things coaches should let the team vote on.

Coaches shouldn’t be letting the team vote on whether or not a two-time criminal deviant (let’s remember Hill was convicted of having “carnal knowledge” of a 14-year old girl before entering LSU and of misdemeanor battery this July) should or shouldn’t be on the football team.

There isn’t any excuse for someone like that being allowed on the football field – it's not as if he was found not guilty or anything – Hill was lucky to have two LSU educated judges help him back on the field. If that’s you or me, we’re in jail for the first offense, not on the football field on Saturday’s and certainly not getting carve outs on our curfews for LSU football games at night either. Hell, you and I are most likely sitting in a prison cell somewhere, wondering where we took the wrong turn in life.

Fool me once, shame on you…. Fool me twice, shame on me? I guess there is no shame if you are a star running back at LSU.

I could go on, but then I’d likely just be repeating the words and thoughts of one Gregg Doyel over at who penned an awesome response to this information coming out.

To sum it up best, I’ll leave you with Doyel’s words on this matter:

"The guy's a good college student, good person really — not a guy that has had constant bad behavior," Miles said. "Obviously (he) has had a lack of judgment and bad behavior in two instances but the reality is we all see him around here as a pretty good person."

Jeremy Hill issued a brief statement Monday apologizing to his teammates, and then to the community. He never apologized to the kid he blindsided with a punch before walking away with a laugh. He referred to that whole thing as "a poor choice in judgment," and let it go at that.

That's LSU's star tailback. A good person, really. And Les Miles is going to see the good in Jeremy Hill.

Said Miles: "We're going to see the whole person."

No you're not.

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