Mike Gundy is a man! He’s (restricting Wes Lunt from transferring to nearly) 40 (schools)!

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Oklahoma State has blocked any transfer for quarterback Wes Lunt to anywhere in the Big 12. And the SEC. And the Pac 12, according to CBS Sports.

And Southern Mississippi.

And… Central Michigan?

For those keeping score at home, Oklahoma State has blocked Lunt from transferring to a total of 38 schools. Something about this just does not seem right. Does it?

Sure, there is something to be said about commitment, but when a college student feels he needs a new home it continues to baffle minds as to how a school can have so much power and influence about where that player ends up going. Or rather where they are not going.

If Oklahoma State had prevented Lunt from transferring to another Big 12 school it probably would not have raised an eye brow. Keeping Lunt from transferring to any SEC or Pac 12 school is rather extreme. Preventing a transfer to Southern Mississippi is petty. Preventing a transfer to Central Michigan is just flat out insane (Oklahoma State does not play central Michigan until 2015).

It should be noted Oklahoma State is well within their power to issue these restrictions, but rarely do we see a program go this far with transfer restrictions. But should this be a concern moving forward that should be addressed by the NCAA?

If the true purpose of the NCAA is to provide the best for the student athlete, then should they not take a hard look at these types of restrictions. Oklahoma State could be keeping Lunt from transferring to the best possible school for him purely out of fear of competition. There is no other way to view that, is there?

Lunt was previously reported to be interested in Louisville, Tennessee (blocked), Vanderbilt (blocked), Southern Mississippi (blocked) and Illinois. Jimmie Tramel of Tulsa World is reported (via Twitter) the Lunt family is considering an appeal against these restrictions.

It's a shame this situation has to come to that point.

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