Bloguin around college football (4/28)

It’s Monday and that means it’s time to take a look around the Bloguin family of sites and see what they are talking about…..

Dale Newton of The Duck Stops Here, takes a look at the ground work that’s being laid at Oregon for a potential “dream season” [story link]

Mike Ferguson of Noled Out take a look at “Great FSU Football Nicknames” [story link].

Bearcats Blog is excited about Jake Golic getting an extra year of eligibility [story link].

For a look at the lighter side of college football, Belly of the Beast has us covered with the “Bertmobile” [story link] and Will Muchamp fine-tuning his golf swing [story link].

Leftover Hot Dog offers up a stat that sums up the South Carolina program (the last few seasons) under Steve Spurrier [story link].

Our own managing editor, Kevin McGuire, takes a look at why the new Joe Paterno statue might not be a bad idea [story link].

Andrew Coppens touches on Wisconsin head coach Gary Anderson’s attempt to put down recruiting roots in Texas [story link].

In case you missed it, Awful Announcing has the Gruden vs Gruden edition of Gruden Camp [story link].

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