Bloguin around college football (6/30)

It’s time to take our weekly look around the Bloguin family of sites and see what they are talking about…

The Big Ten has called for changes in the wake of the O’Bannon trial but they aren’t exactly forging a wide-open new path. [story link]

Noled Out is previewing the defending National Champions and looking at one of their most interesting positions, running back. With two early departures to the NFL, how will this position look in support of Jameis Winston? [story link]

Speaking of big shoes to fill, LSU has a number of spots that it needs young players to come in and deliver. Saturday Night Slant discusses the arrival of Brandon Harris, Leonard Fournette and Malachi Dupre [story link]

Will Duke take a step back this year after a surprise 2013 campaign? Optimum Scouting takes a look at a reason they might not, Jamison Crowder. [story link]

South Dakota has a “beat Oregon” countdown in their locker room? David Shaw wouldn’t be happy with Oregon scheduling down but do the Coyotes really stand a chance? [story link]

Johnny Manziel was a polarizing figure when he played college football. He’s yet to play a down in the NFL but he’s still just as polarizing. [story link]

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