Don Johnson wrote a new college football project called “Score”

Grantland had a Q&A with Don Johnson, yeah the Miami Vice guy, and he dropped some interesting news about an upcoming college football project that he wrote and will be acting in.

Here’s what Johnson had to say about the upcoming project…

It’s called Score and it’s set in the ’80s, and it’s about the rise of big-time college football. I play this outrageous fucking coach who breaks all the rules and recruits basically criminals and everybody else and shoots the finger [extends middle finger in my direction] to the NCAA. I wrote it in October and I wanna get it financed completely so I can go to the marketplace without layers and layers of executives and bureaucrats. In my mind if you’re not bringing something to the dance, but you’re taking a big chunk of the cash, I got no room for you.

Johnson also let it be known that David Gordon Green, who he worked with on Eastbound and Down, is set to direct. In the interview Johnson said he was going to do it for streaming.

Hopefully this becomes a reality because if they go the right direction with this it could be a lot of fun.

h/t Indie Wire

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