Morgan Spurlock’s “Inside Man” takes a look at college football

On Sunday, Morgan Spurlock (of “Super Size Me” fame) will enter the world of college football on his CNN show “Inside Man”.

Here’s the ad for the upcoming episode of the show…

Morgan Spurlock practices (with padding) with the football team at Ole Miss – one of the biggest football programs in the U.S.

Morgan TACKLES the subject of college sports by embedding himself in some of the top programs in the U.S. to see firsthand what it takes to be a top-level college athlete, what kind of education these kids are actually getting, and what life is like under the watchful eye of the NCAA.

Schools are making millions off the backs of these kids –- should the athletes themselves be able to share in the profits?

Watch the SEASON TWO FINALE of “Morgan Spurlock Inside Man” Sunday at 10pm ET/PT. Only on CNN.

and here’s a video that CNN has posted showing Morgan practicing with the Ole Miss Rebels….

This should be interesting…

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