Remember when you were younger and you went running around trying to shoot your friends¬†with a Super Soaker? It put those kids with simple little water guns to shame. Well, one man’s love for all things Super Soaker led him to build the ultimate Super Soaker, with the strength of a fire hose.

In what is billed as the world’s largest Super Soaker, this monster contraption comes with enough force to rip through watermelons and windows. The work of art with a nostalgic childhood inspiration behind it can fire water at a blistering 243 mph, and this sucker doesn’t fit in your hands. The creator of the ultimate Super Soaker, Mark Rober, showed off his latest work of art in a YouTube video, following up on his previous creation, an ultra-sized Nerf gun.

While getting squirted by a Super Soaker may be a good way to cool off, I’m not sure I recommend getting in the way of this powerful blast of water.

So now that Rober has built the world’s largest Nerf gun and Super Soaker, one has to wonder what childhood toy will serve as his next inspiration for a extra-large version. Stay tuned to see what he cooks up next summer.

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