Jack Black was on The Price is Right to kickoff their Celebrity Charity Week where a celebrity comes on and gets to raise money for their selected charity as contestants play for cash and fabulous prizes.

For most game show contestants, they’re under the lights, they’re having fun and are playing for prizes, they can get a bit excited. This contestant got a little too excited and accidentally slapped the actor, singer and comedian.

In case you are unfamiliar with how The Price is Right works, three contestants in each half of the show spin the big wheel to determine who goes to the Showcase Showdown at the end where the biggest prizes are. In one or two spins of the wheel, the objective is to get as close to $1 as you can without going over. The person who does that goes to the Showcase.

This contestant got 95 cents, which usually is a high enough score to get you to the Showcase. And in the ensuing bout of delirium, Andrew tried to high-five Black and things got a bit too physical.

It didn’t seem like there was any harm intended by Andrew. Going for a hard high-five for a job well done, it would be easy to botch it and accidentally slap the other person. That, or maybe Andrew saw Gulliver’s Travels last night and had the urge to slap Jack Black on national TV and make it look like an accident. I could see either scenario happening.

Despite that, Andrew won the showcase, which included trips to Costa Rica and Argentina and Black won $73,513 for the Society of Women Engineers so some good came out of it. The two learned the lesson from before had a less physical celebration after the Showcase Showdown. It was probably for the best for both people.


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